As early as May, you’ll have some options available to use your mobile device in Michigan courthouses and even courtrooms.

The hotly contested idea is winning the support of Michigan Supreme Court Justices.  Chief Justice, Bridget Mary McCormack, says the decision removes barriers for people involved in the legal system.

Supporters, who ultimately won the favor of justices, argued increasing access to court records and reducing costs for people involved in the court system outweigh the potential for harm and disruption.

Opponents of the change contend phones will disrupt court procedures and risk exposing the identities of jurors, witnesses and undercover officers called to testify.

The Supreme Court's decision to amend its rules means phone policies, which vary widely among courts throughout the state, will be streamlined.

For most of us, the notable change is we’ll be able to use mobile devices to make copies of documents at clerk’s offices rather than paying their going per page rate.  But the impactful change will make documentation easier to manage for people involved in court cases, especially those representing themselves.  Michigan Supreme Court Justices say that was one of the most compelling reasons for their decision to make the change.

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