What will it take to recall Governor Whitmer; 1.06 million signatures in 60 days and an estimated cost of $7–8 million dollars.  That is quite a mountain to be climbed but that does not mean it should not be attempted.

According to reporting in MLive there are approximately 30 recall petitions that were submitted to the state and of those 11 have had their language approved by the Board of State Canvassers.  Of those eleven 9 petitions aimed at recalling Whitmer have been approved by the Board.  The other two petitions were approved for the recall of Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

One man leading one of the efforts to recall Whitmer is Jim Makowski he said:

“It’s truly a David versus Goliath scenario”

His recall petition seeks to recall Whitmer for her signing of Executive Order 2020-50 related to “enhanced protections for residents and staff of long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”  This is the executive order in which Whitmer put tens of thousands of our senior citizens in danger and in all probability lead to many of their deaths.  A third of Michigan’s COVID related deaths are from our nursing homes.

Mr. Makowski went on to say:

"In our opinion, she’s made an unconstitutional overreach of power. Her measures are absolutely draconian. There was no need to endanger anyone in nursing homes, and many of her executive orders made no sense.”

He added the following:

“She has usurped her power and the power of the legislature. Representatives in the House and Senate are elected by the people and she’s ignored and defied their directives. It’s time for the people to take back that power.”

What Mr. Makowski has said it all very true and the question is will she pay a price for those very foreseeable mistakes and overreaches.  In fact, she was one of 5 Governors, all Democrats, who sent COVID sick elderly people back to their nursing homes via executive order.  Four of those Governors have realized their mistake and have since reversed those orders Governor Whitmer did not.

The collection of signatures for the petitions to recall Governor Whitmer should begin on October 23rd and they will then have 60 days to collect 1.06 million valid signatures. Michigan residents must sign a petition based in their city, township or village.

Expect Governor Whitmer to send out people to steal the petitions, disrupt the collection of those signatures, harass anyone collecting the signatures and signing the petition as well as sending plants in to sign illegally.  She did it once with the Unlock Michigan campaign she will certainly do so with this campaign.

In the end, if enough signatures are collected in the allowed time and they are deemed valid the recall would occur on the ballot in the next general election.  That next general election would be 2022 when she, I expect, would be running for re-election.

That does not mean we should not still do what is right and voice our opinion via the recall effort.

What should happen now is the 9 groups with approved petition language should all join forces and decide to use one of the approved language petitions and combine their groups and funding apparatuses together.  It is my understanding some of them have already done so.

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