Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is getting ahead of potential scams while reminding Michigan residents to research their home repairs. While facing weather related damages and repairs, in a press release on Tuesday, Nessel is reissuing her consumer alert focused on researching home repair contractors and offers to avoid being scammed in the event the recent weather creates damage to residences.

Last week, ice jams caused flooding in some communities and heavy snowfall contributed to accidents, while forecasted heavy rains prompted flood advisories today.

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“Whenever home or business owners face repairs from weather damage, it’s important the issue gets addressed right away. Unfortunately, those situations often attract bad actors looking to scam unsuspecting consumers,” Nessel said. “It remains important to your financial health and peace of mind to exercise caution when choosing any building contractor or company for repair or improvement services.”

Along with the recent storms, we have seen an increase of restrictions on parking, made by local governments. In the same release, Nessel reissued a consumer alert on vehicle towing, which explains the process to complain about unreasonable fees in certain situations.

It’s important to note that if a complaint involves a circumstance where a tow was directed by the police or a private property owner, and you want to contest the tow and unreasonable fees, you need to file a petition for a court hearing. The Attorney General may not represent you in court.  If you or the secured party do not retrieve the vehicle or request a hearing within 20 days, it may be sold at public auction, and you lose all rights to the vehicle.


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