Battle Creek Central High students will present a one night only play adapted from "The Night of the Living Dead" at the W. James McQuiston Learning Center on Wednesday, February 7th at 6 pm and will last for about 45 minutes. The students are part of a program called MIFA, The Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association, where they compete around the state. Part of the Theatre competition where they are also timed on "striking" the set. Striking is the process of tearing down the stage set. Reanne, a Stage Manager for the production and Junior at B.C. Central said that they can strike in 4 minutes and is hoping they can get the time down to as quick as 2 minutes. I would pay $5 just to see that.

Plus, the action takes place around you. I was given some inside information that will be a real treat for the viewing audience.

If you're like me, you always thought of Forensic's as the people who use science to solve crimes. In fact, forensic's is a lot more.

The noun forensic, meaning “an argumentative exercise” derives from the adjective forensic,whose earliest meaning in English is “belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts or to public discussion and debate.”


So it is an exercise in debate and the MIFA Mission is:

The Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association empowers students to become proficient and ethical communicators, critical thinkers, lifelong learners and leaders in a democratic society through interscholastic speech, theater and debate activities for middle and secondary school students.

The McQuiston is located at 100 Van Buren St W.

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