It's not particularly a bold take to say that America is a beautiful country. Anyone who has traveled across the country can attest to that. I've seen the mountains and the deserts in the west, I lived near the Gulf of Mexico for 25 years and now living in the Midwest, I've seen enough to know America's beauty comes in such a variety, it's truly remarkable.

Of course, there are always cities sprinkled throughout that can still provide an aesthetic that can be appreciated apart from nature. But, because cities are limited to their location and resources, it leads to objectivity. Not all cities are created equal, and some are uglier than the rest.

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Throughout the Midwest and the Rust Belt, there are plenty of cities that haven't weathered the elements well and have suffered poor economics that have hampered efforts to keep the cities beautiful. The dreary clouds hanging over these cities only add to a murky view of aged or abandoned buildings separated by dead land and rough roads.

Travel A Lot committed to the daunting task of naming the ugliest city in each state. Their pick for Ohio is Youngstown, a city with a recognizable name that seems to lose out to cities like Dayton and Akron on the 'mid-size Ohio cities that have it the worst'.

Travel A Lot did mention that Youngstown is doing its best to recover, just like many of the cities named on the list. But anyone who lives or has lived near a city trying to right the ship knows it usually comes with an overwhelming number of hurdles to overcome.

Still, aesthetics are subjective, and Youngstown is still a solid place to live for Ohioans. According to Niche, Youngstown has one of the lowest costs of living in the state and is one of the most diverse to boot. Unfortunately, the city doesn't appeal well to young professionals or retirees staying in-state, which are two groups that could best feed the economy to help spurn the recovery efforts of the city.

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