Service animals are vital to the existence, living functions, and inclusion in the world for disabled individuals. They are used for various disabilities including emotional and physical disabilities, but they are imperative in keeping their humans alive and interactive in the world around them. All kinds of animals can be used as service animals, but the most common animal used are dogs.

Now service animals do get some special privileges that a regular pet wouldn't normally be granted. Service animals are allowed to accompany their humans wherever they go so they can continue to assist them and they are not to be discriminated against for any reason. The animals themselves must still follow rules set at these establishments and sometimes the lines can be blurred.

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A TikTok video that you can see below was posted by a user(chronically.ave) and shows a heated discussion between a woman who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and her apartment complex manager. The dispute is over the woman's service dog not discreetly using the bathroom while the woman's mother was taking her on a walk. Granted, it's hard for any dog to use the restroom discreetly but for the sake of the apartment complex, they ask all owners to take them to the complex's dog park.

@chronically.ave She is now trying to evict me stating the reason is “service dog” lol. Good luck Amy Katenbrink (Cincinnati) #discrimination #ada #disability #raredisease #chronicillness #karen #karensgoingwild #karensoftiktok ♬ original sound - Ave

Now, this request isn't a big deal and is normally something that the woman and her mother normally comply with, but due to recent circumstances, they did what was best for them. In the TikTok video, it is alleged that the woman's mother had been in a car accident, totaled her car, and was also injured so she couldn't walk down to the dog park that she would normally drive to. Allegedly the manager came out and yelled disrespectfully at the woman's mother which led to the entire video.

Once the video gets rolling you can hear the woman and the apartment manager exchanging words, you can sense the tension rising as they're talking over each other, yelling and screaming to get their point across, and it almost becomes physical. The woman comes in asking to speak to the manager and ask what the problem is with her service dog going to the bathroom. She brings up the disrespect to her mother and the manager responds with "you need to be discreet" and this opens up a can of worms.

The woman then rightfully explodes with emotion about how her disability is not discreet, that her service dog doesn't need to be discreet either, and that if she hears anything else she'll be getting her lawyer involved. The manager responds and tells her "go ahead and I'll just tell them to evict you and it's an emotional support dog" which then again prompts anger from the woman. She goes on to explain the name of her disease which is a physical and medical disability and her service animal is trained to give medical alerts and explains how talking about her matters with others is illegal.

The woman's mother is now there in the video and tries to get her to calm down and walk away from the whole thing. She says that it's not worth it and then tells the manager that she can't go down to the dog park because she's injured from a car accident that happened in the parking lot of the complex due to kids pushing objects into the road where there are no lights. The manager then asks them to leave right away while allegedly lunging toward them which prompts the mother to hold her daughter back before things got physical.

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