A Kentucky woman just got the surprise of her life when her dog that was missing for 3 years turned up in Michigan.

It always amazes me when a dog goes missing and is found hundreds of miles away from it's home.  But this story kicks the amazement up a notch.  This story begins at Christmas time in 2017.  Venes Mosier of Kentucky pretty much lost everything according to Wood TV 8,

She says her home was broken into before Christmas in 2017 during a hospital stay and someone took three dogs.  One dog is still missing, one was found in Illinois a year later and she had practically given up hope that Callie would be returned until hearing the news from Michigan.

The news from Michigan that she's talking about is that her adorable doggie was located.  On Sept 17th, Cass County Animal Control officers responded to a call about a stray dog wandering near the Michigan / Indiana state line.  They scanned the microchip and called Mosier with the good news.

The good news didn't stop there.  Many Paws Volunteer Transport drove this fur baby from Michigan to Kentucky to reunite this family at no cost.

If this isn't the perfect example of why you should microchip your pets, I don't know what is.  Congrats to everyone involved.

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