It's one of those things which seems plausible to most, as personal finances can ride that roller coaster too. But at the same time, residents would rather not see their services dwindle because resources are scarce.

Linda Teeter, executive director with the Kalamazoo-based, non-partisan group Michigan Citizen Action has begun an undertaking to help Michigan residents learn the process better and show how they can help.

Teeter, a former Kalamazoo City Commissioner, believes budgets are among the first things that affect residents, but may also be something residents feel they can't do anything about.

Though it might take effort and commitment, Teeter tells WBCK residents can have an effect on state budgets - which trickle down, in many cases, to the towns where they live. In her role with MCA, Teeter has worked or interacted with various municipalities including in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek as they work to get a handle on doing more with less.

Click the player below to hear the first of six installments on how citizens can better understand how the budget resources are shaped in order to offer services they depend on - and the challenges associated with it.

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