Michigan Citizen Action

Now Is The Time To Speak Up On The Michigan Budget
After a series of discussions meant to get citizens involved in municipal and government budgets, Kalamazoo-based Michigan Citizen Action is reminding folks now is the time to speak up.
Michigan lawmakers are working now on that budget, and two local lawmakers serve on the House Appropriations Commit…
Leaders Continue to Encourage Citizen Input on Budget
Another installment in our continuing series about connecting citizens with their budget process brings forward similar themes as the others: Speaking up is helpful.
Battle Creek City Manager Rebecca Fleury joined Linda Teeter, executive director at Michigan Citizen Action, in echoing sentiments we h…
Part 1 of 6: You Can Help Shape Michigan's Budget
It's one of those things which seems plausible to most, as personal finances can ride that roller coaster too. But at the same time, residents would rather not see their services dwindle because resources are scarce.
Linda Teeter, executive director with the Kalamazoo-based, non-partisan group Michig…