A lack of significant rain over the last several weeks has led to drought conditions in parts of the state. Most of the West Michigan region is in the 'Abnormally Dry' range according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Parts of eastern Barry, northern and eastern Calhoun, and all of Eaton and Jackson Counties are considered to be in a 'Moderate Drought'.

Michigan Drought Map (Courtesy USDA)
Michigan Drought Map (Courtesy USDA) - 'Yellow' means Abnormally Dry, "Brown" means Moderate Drought

A Moderate Drought means that a deficit in rainfall has led to some crop damage and lower levels in area lakes, rivers, streams and wells. Battle Creek has had only about half of its average rainfall during the last eight weeks. If the conditions persist, the next classification would be a 'Severe Drought' which could lead to a larger loss of crops and pastures, common water shortages and potential water restrictions imposed.

Rain is in the forecast this week for West Michigan, although it is only about a 50% chance between Tuesday and Friday.



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