An animal rights group is calling for criminal action to be brought against a Kalamazoo County slaughterhouse for animal cruelty.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known as PETA, says in a press release that they sent a letter Tuesday to the Kalamazoo County Prosecutors Office, saying that Scotts Hook & Cleaver has been conducting slaughtering in a way that violates Michigan’s animal cruelty laws.

US Department of Agriculture documents show inspectors observed in April and May that federal humane handling regulations were violated at the business in Scotts, which does business as Pease Packing. In two cases noted by Food Safety and Inspection Service employees, animals like a sow and a steer were seen being killed by shotgun blast in a way that allowed the animal to stand back up.

95.3 WBCK has reached out to Pease Packing's ownership for comment.

PETA claims that these practices constitute a violation of Michigan law, and is calling for a criminal investigation into possible animal cruelty.

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