5 Things Everyone From Climax Knows
This week our small Michigan town series takes a look at a place that is almost right in the center of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. Climax has a population of just under 800 people and an awesome name.
Galesburg Area Power Outage
Around 3,400 people are without power in Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties Monday morning.

According to Consumer’s Energy’s Outage Map, residents in Galesburg, Climax and western Battle Creek lost power around 7am, with the cause unknown.
Representative David Maturen Injured In Car Crash
One of Calhoun County’s state representatives won’t be in Lansing for a while, after suffering injuries in a car crash.
On Tuesday, the public was made aware that Representative David Maturen had been driving to Battle Creek Friday afternoon, to participate in the Cere…
PETA Says Scotts Slaughterhouse Violated Animal Cruelty Laws
An animal rights group is calling for criminal action to be brought against a Kalamazoo County slaughterhouse for animal cruelty.
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known as PETA, says in a press release that they sent a letter Tuesday to the Kalamazoo County Prosecutors Office, saying …
Tuesday Is Election Day In Calhoun County!
Several different districts will be voting on various proposals Tuesday in Calhoun County.
Calhoun County Deputy Clerk of Elections Teri Loew says that among those things being voted on include a Road Millage Proposal in Fredonia Township, and a Capital Equipment Millage Proposal in the Marshall…
Woman Arraigned In Kalamazoo Valentine's Murder
The woman accused of fatally shooting her husband on Valentine’s Day was arraigned Thursday in Kalamazoo County.
MLive reports that 43-year-old Janel Boer of Scotts is charged with open murder and felony firearm charges. The incident February 14 took place at the home of Janel and Gregory Boer, with …