Washington State University has completed a study where they attempted to find out if police where more apt to shoot a black person over a white person.  Well, the study results tell a different story then what is being pushed in the media and by activist groups today.

Their research found that police were actually more reluctant to shoot a black suspect than a white suspect. The study is actually calling this a “reverse racism” phenomenon in policing.

We have to move beyond what people think is occurring, and acknowledge what is actually occurring, or we will never address the problem in a genuine way.  This is not to say that we must not address the concerns of all involved, but if we do not acknowledge the facts when we address their concerns, then how will we address their issues correctly?

The Washington Times is reporting on the Washington State University study, which was published in the academic journal Criminology & Public Policy and titled “The Reverse Racism Effect”.

The report said, “We need to move beyond this atmosphere that leads officers to put their lives in danger to avoid the significant-to-dire consequences of using force even when it is justified”.

According to the article the “officers were given real handguns rigged to shoot lasers instead of bullets and wore their on-duty uniforms to create a more realistic environment”.

As reported in the Washington Times article:

  • An examination of shooting errors found that the officers were “slightly more than three times less likely to shoot unarmed Black suspects than unarmed White suspects,”
  • Also officers took “significantly longer” — 200 milliseconds on average — in deadly force scenarios to shoot armed black suspects than armed white suspects, controlling for variables such as “demeanor, language, dress, distance from participant, movement, location, sound and light levels.”

This study actually backs up what past studies had found.

This study is eye opening, but I would be curious to see how closely this mirrors real world shooting rates.  We hear all the time in the mainstream media about unarmed black people being shot by police, but does that truly reflect reality? A study is interesting, but a controlled research environment isn’t the same thing as real life.

This column is not intended to state that we must not be concerned how the black community feels and believes.  However, we must always look at all issues with open eyes and correct facts.

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