Sponsors of the Senate bills to revamp Michigan's energy and electricity legislation stated last week that they have reached a "breakthrough" in the drafting of their legislation which has convinced the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to support the bill.

Because of that "breakthrough" State Senators Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek and John Proos, R- St. Joseph, now believe the Senate will pass their legislation after the election.  A tentative date for the Michigan Senate to vote on the bills is November 10th.  Once the bills are passed in the Senate they will be sent to the state House.

The last time Michigan passed any significant energy legislation was in 2008 and state officials say a revamp of Michigan's energy plan is needed due to the changes in the federal emission standards and the planned shutdown of several coal-fired power plants in Michigan.

Join us today at 11:06 to discuss with State Senator Mike Nofs what exactly is in these energy bills, how will it affect the citizens of Michigan and what were these "breakthroughs" which brought more support to the bills.

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