If you and yours are fans of snakes, turtles, geckos, any old invertebrates and the like, Binder Park Zoo is a place you'll want to visit on either August 3rd or 4th, because that is Reptile Weekend at Binder Park Zoo.

"Knowledgeable reptile keepers will share facts, characteristics and habits of creatures that many people perceive as mysterious and elusive...Kalamazoo Nature Center will also be on hand to share bio-facts and information about native reptiles and ecosystems. Reptile Weekend is a two-day event (for) all ages with the goal of dispelling the myths and fears that people often have about snakes, salamanders, frogs and others, to be replaced with respect and understanding of animals species that  play important roles in the environment" - Binder Park Zoo

The Zoo's weekend hours are 9-6 on Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday, and the cost to get in is $14.25 for adults, senior citizen admission is $13.25. For kids ages 2 to 10 its $12.25, Children under age 2 are admitted free.


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