There’s going to be a lot of activity in downtown Battle Creek on Saturday September 26th.

The city is celebrating “Downtown Day” with a bunch of fun things to do.  Some of the activities are free but others charge a fee to participate.  You're invited to "get active, get entertained, get local and get inspired."

Governor Whitmer recently proclaimed tomorrow as the official “Downtown Day” for Michigan. So if your traveling, you may get a chance to see similar things happening in other cities around the state.

The state’s downtown association asked the Governor to make the announcement, saying businesses throughout Michigan could use a little extra publicity to help recover from the COVID-19 virus lockdown.

The idea is to have a downtown event, in spite of COVID-19 restrictions, but to do it carefully.  "This one is being kept intentionally small," said John Hart, Battle Creek's Downtown Development Director  "It’s just a subtle celebration of events that are mostly already happening. Remember, their are limits on public gatherings and most events have been canceled. We are not trying to get large numbers, just reminding people that their are many small things you can do to support your downtowns across Michigan."

Everything gets underway at around 10 in downtown Battle Creek tomorrow with music starting up closer to noon. There’s everything from yoga, to fly fishing in the river.

Click this link for a list of events that you can print.  .Downtown Day Schedule-City of Battle Creek


Battle Creek Downtown Businesses Open Sep26
Battle Creek Downtown Businesses Open Sep26
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