Before I left for the Christmas Holiday a listener of mine sent me the following email:

“I’ve had a sad couple of weeks. My mom had a rapid decline (congestive heart failure) and passed away on December 6. When she was admitted to the hospital on November 28, they tested her for COVD and while she was asymptomatic, she tested positive. She was fully vaccinated. The hospital, of course, placed her in the COVID ward. As we watched her decline, it was evident that her heart was done. The death certificate lists her cause of death as COVID 19 and the secondary cause is CHF. Additionally, did you know that if COVID is listed as the cause of death, WE - THE TAXPAYERS, pay up to $9500 toward the funeral??? This is so sick.”

Yes, it is sick, greedy, and dangerous.  The dangerous games these hospitals are playing for one can only surmise is money inflates the death numbers which in turn can create really bad policy by the government “scientists” and politicians who point to those numbers as reasons for their policies.

In speaking with this listener, I found out that her mother was suffering from heart disease for a long period of time and the hospital doctors were well aware of this. In fact, my listener informed me that this hospital is where she had been taken care of for years.  If someone was admitted for congestive heart failure and then tested positive for Covid but was asymptomatic the most this hospital should have reported on the death certificate was the patient died with Covid.  In this case, this Michigan Hospital decided her mother died of Covid with congestive heart failure as an underlying factor.

Courtesy of anonymous listner
Courtesy of anonymous listener

The Epoch Times has reported about two large California counties, Santa Clara and Alameda, that have now changed their death totals from COVID-19 after using a new approach.  Authorities in those counites told local Bay Area-based media outlets “that they came up with narrower criteria for deaths that were initially attributed to COVID-19. Previously, they had counted people who died while infected with the virus even if it didn’t actually contribute to their cause of death”.  They gave one glaring example, according to the San Jose Spotlight citing local officials, “someone who died in a car crash but had COVID-19 at the time would be counted as a “COVID-19 death””.

It was Sir Walter Scott back in 1808 who wrote: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

If the medical providers report incorrect or dubious data, the government “scientists” will then base their advice to the politicians on that incorrectly or falsely reported data.  Bad data in bad data out and in this case the bad data out affects people’s lives.

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