Speaking on The Richard Piet Show Tuesday, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said an anti-bullying program established to provide a silent-observer-type system for anonymous reporting of potential school violence and bullying has resulted in 1400 tips in its first year.

The "OK2SAY" program is meant to counter societal norms that it's not good to "tattle" or "rat" when a person has information about possible malfeasance.

Schuette with Anti Bullying Advocates Kevin and Tammy Epling Courtesy AG Schuette
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (center) with anti-bullying advocates Kevin and Tammy Epling. Courtesy Michigan Attorney General's Office

Schuette has been visiting schools around the state to tout the program, which offers a web-based reporting system, or can be accessed by downloading a smartphone app. Click here for information on bringing a free OK2SAY presentation to your school.

Funding for the program, though, is only assured for a few years. Hear the entire interview by clicking the video below.

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