Federal employees that are deemed “non-essential”, that must not feel great to be considered “non-essential” by your employer, and we know that most of the federal bureaucracy is deemed “non-essential”, don’t report to their jobs during a shutdown.

As I have been telling my listeners for weeks that they do not need to have to worry about those “non-essential” federal employees during this shutdown, because they will eventually get paid for their time off.

Essentially that means that these “non-essential” federal employees are receiving a bonus of paid vacation days, does it not?

Now this is no reflection of the “non-essential” federal employee, I assume most would rather be at work then have to catch up when they are evidentially called back.  This closure of government is by no means their fault.

The question is this; is it fair to the American taxpayer that these “non-essential” federal employees get extra paid vacation days on our tab?

How about this, what if these “non-essential” federal employees are given a choice to either continue to work and be assured that they will be paid retroactively or simply take the extra days off unpaid.

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