Springfields are common, very common. That's why the Simpsons are set in one of the most common placenames in the United States. But have you ever wondered what a roadtrip to every Springfield in the United States would look like?

Springfield, Michigan, a suburb of Battle Creek is about the midpoint of the tour. Your national tour could begin in either Springfield, Oregon or Springfield Maine.

To reach Springfield, Michigan this routing makes it a spur off the main ciruclar route, the only such spur other than Springfield Center in New York.

The Michigan Springfield is routed on I-94 after visiting Springfield, Indiana which is just south of New Buffalo, Michigan and near LaPorte and Michigan City in Indiana.

If this trip would make your first visit to Springfield, the city's mayor has this welcome message on their website:

Springfield has much to offer!  From great parks and recreation opportunities, to
affordable housing (existing and custom built), great schools, and central location
to larger employment markets like Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Springfield has
something to offer every family, business owner, and visitor. 
If you don't already
live here, you just need to stop by and see it for yourself.

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