The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has been around since 1987 and its focus and mission are to prevent an unfortunate event that is suicide. We are no strangers to this tragedy here in America as it continues to take our loved ones from our lives. As the years have gone on, the knowledge about mental health has grown, and there is an increased significance on the importance of mental health and receiving help when you need it.

Sidenote here that has nothing to do with suicide, but donuts are very good. Or doughnuts for some of you out there, if you ask me there's no wrong way to spell it and no wrong day to eat one. Nonetheless, we've been spoiled in this area with a donut shop as good as Sweetwaters Donut Mill and they don't disappoint. Sweetwaters has done it again and has shown support for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by releasing a new donut.

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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is bringing one of the many events they have annually to raise money for those who need assistance, to help families who have been affected, and whatever else they may need the funds for, to Kalamazoo. At 11 am on Saturday, September 10th, at Bronson Park, The AFSP is having an "Out of The Darkness" walk to raise money for those battling depression, anxiety, and other factors that cause suicidal thoughts.

This is where Sweetwaters comes in to help, they are creating a donut for this event. They haven't specified if they will be selling this donut at all of their locations, the event, or even what the flavor of this donut will be. They have announced that the donut will be available from September 5th to September 11th and the proceeds would go to the AFSP.

Donut Created By 4th Grade Battle Creek Student Added To Sweetwater's Menu

In May, the students of Beadle Lake Elementary were asked to design a donut and then write a persuasive letter to Sweetwater’s in Battle Creek. This is how it all went down

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