Rick Snyder

Is Former Governor Snyder Being Railroaded?
Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is the first in Michigan’s history to be charged with a crime relating to actions as the state’s chief executive. He and a handful of former staffers are charged with crimes relating to the Flint water contamination mess...
Michigan Bill Would Allow Veterans To Get A CPL For Free
House Bill 5987, introduced Tuesday, would let veterans of the US Armed Force, Armed Forces Reserve, or Michigan National Guard apply for a concealed carry permit for free, waiving the $100 fee everyone else has to pay. Veterans could also avoid the $115 fee associated with renewing the permit.
KCC RMTC Plans $4.3 Million Remodel, Clears Lansing Subcommittee
KCC says that on Wednesday, the project received formal authorization by the Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee in Lansing, with the subcommittee also approving $2.15 million in state matching grants. The matching grants will combine with $2.15 million from the college's own dedicated capital millage for a total of $4.3 million for the remodeling.
Gov Aborts Choose Life Plates
Friday June 30th, just before the Holiday weekend, Michigan Governor Snyder vetoed a bill that would have raised funds for pro life non-profit organizations in Michigan.
Lt. Gov Calley to Run for Governor?
Will Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley run for Governor of Michigan in 2018 or not?  That is the question that we might just been given a signal that the answer is yes. Lieutenant Governor Calley has just released a new $500,000 online campaign style ad paid for by his PAC (Political Action Committee)...
MCOLES Conducting Online Community Survey On Police Relations
The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards has launched a community survey, to determine how much the public trusts in law enforcement. MCOLES says in a release Thursday that the survey was put in motion by an executive order from Governor Rick Snyder in October 2016, that told the organization to complete a public report on trust in police by May 2017...

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