Photo by Mellissa Bird


It was an unseasonably cool July day in Kalamazoo, however, under a cloudy sky over Wings Event Center, a celebration and fundraiser was held for our American World War II Veterans.  It was Talons Out Honor day for 2021 with a motorcycle ride, craft, and a  car show along with plenty of activities for all ages.  The day began with the flag presentation at Fort Custer National Cemetary.

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Photo by Mellissa Bird


Cody Sheppered posted on the Talon's Out Facebook page,

It was an incredible honor to accept the flag on behalf of all Veterans, past, present, and future. I am incredibly humbled and appreciative for being selected.

Photo by Mellissa Bird

Marcia Shrauger

This was amazing I was there visiting my Veteran Husband and got to watch this ceremony

The day continued and moved to Wings Event Center where the  Delton Kellogg band and Jon Barnes performed the National Anthem and God Bless the U.S.A.  It was just the beginning of what would turn out to be a day filled with patriotic emotions.

Photo by Mellissa Bird
Photo by Mellissa Bird

Flights for World War II Veterans to Washington DC to visit the memorials were suspended due to Covid.  As the nation slowly begins to go back to normal, so will the Talon's Out Program.  Dave Smith, Board Chairman, and President says, quote

Honor Flight is the nation’s leading and most trusted organization taking our veterans to see the national memorials built in their honor. We are implementing these precautions so we can continue to carry out our mission without forcing veterans to choose between their health and this once-in-a-lifetime experience

The next 2 flights are scheduled for September, 18th, 2021 and October, 9th.  Currently, there are 482 veterans on the waiting list.  85 - 88 Veterans fly per trip.  Although World War II Veterans are always the priority, Korean, Vietnam, and terminally ill veterans from any conflict for one last mission to DC are also given this wonderful honor.

The Talons out program is 100 percent volunteer so they welcome any financial support.

Talons Out Honor Day 2021