One of the benefits of the Baby Boomer generation was the privilege of growing-up in the era of black & white television. Memories include waking-up Saturday morning, at dawn, padding down the stairway in footed sleepers and switching on the TV.

In those days, television was limited in broadcast hours, so chances are, the only image that you would see that early would be the test pattern, featuring the Indian head and all of the focus images that surrounded the image wearing a featured headdress. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you would patiently wait for the National Anthem video showing the raising of the flag, jets soaring in the air and wave busting battle ships.

Finally, Saturday morning television would begin, usually with Terry-Toones or Looney Tunes.

Below are listed what I consider to be the Top Six Baby Boomer TV shows. Did your favorites make the list?

The Roy Rogers Show 
The famous singing cowboy blazed across the screen on his horse, Trigger, followed by his “wonder dog” Bullet. Dale Evans was usually cookin’ in the local café and Pat Brady would be struggling with his Jeep, Nellie Belle.


Mighty Mouse
Not your typical mouse. He was mighty. Wearing tights and a cape, he would soar through the skies, usually protecting some pretty female mouse. The show could get some-what operatic with Mighty Mouse singing with his female mouse of the moment.


Sky King
Flying the Songbird, Uncle Sky and his niece Penny, would usually be tossing hay from the plane to feed starving horses, or, busting a local smuggling ring.


Highway Patrol
Dan Matthews was the top dog in the Highway Patrol, but he never wore a uniform, just a suit and tie. The automobile chase scenes always had the cars squealing their tires on gravel roads.

Captain Kangaroo
The Captain would start the show carrying a ring of keys and when he hung them on a hook, the theme music would stop. His sidekicks featured Mr. Moose, Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Green Jeans.


Sea Hunt
Mike Nelson would don scuba gear and plunge into the deep, to face who-knows-what kind of sea creature or underwater bad guys. Lots of man eating sharks crossed his path.

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