Before moving to an area, it's usually best to check it out, but you should also check to see if they've got any crazy laws on the books. The last thing you need is your new neighbors thinking you're a troublemaker because you're getting arrested for trying to sell your car on a Sunday or something. Yeah, that's illegal in Michigan.

According to Michigan Houses Online, these are some crazy city laws in Michigan.

Let's talk about Clawson first. It's illegal for a farmer to sleep with their pigs, cows, horses, goats, and chickens.

Detroit has quite a few crazy laws...

Your old radio? Yeah, leave that alone. Or maybe just don't go into Hulk mode and destroy it because that's prohibited.

If you're married, don't even consider arguing with your wife on Sunday because that's not allowed either.

If you own a pig, you better make sure it's locked up in its pen. It's not allowed to run around free in the streets of Detroit unless it has a ring in its nose. Why? I don't know. I'm just stating facts here.

Grand Haven has a pretty odd one: you're not allowed to throw an abandoned hoop skirt into the street or on a sidewalk, or you'll be penalized $5.

I never knew this one and I lived in Harper Woods for a year. Maybe because I never owned a bird. Apparently it's illegal to paint sparrows and sell them as parakeets.

If you're a musician and you live in Kalamazoo, better not write your girlfriend a love song because it's illegal to serenade your girlfriend there.

I'm sure these laws were written years ago. Do you really think you'll get arrested or in trouble for any of this stuff?

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