Parents dropping off and picking up their children at Lakeview Middle School are becoming increasingly concerned about the location citing it as a trouble spot due to numerous accidents. On Monday morning, a crash was reported near the school and when Battle Creek resident Jamie Lynn Cole posted about it on Facebook, it generated a large response from other parents who say the spot is dangerous and should be changed.

Cole says,

It’s a very hectic intersection turning off of Columbia and cars don’t follow the signal. There are kids crossing the street and they do have a wonderful crossing guard but cars are not always looking for pedestrians. So even though they have it set up as a one way cars just go wherever they want. trying to leave the parking lot is just as bad as trying to turn off Columbia. There have been a high number of accidents surrounding the school but it doesn’t seem as if much is happening to correct the issue.

The entrance to the school is on 28th Street near Columbia Avenue. It's one way in and out and gets congested with limited lanes for traffic to flow in and out of the school's lot, back toward Columbia Avenue. The entrance is also very close to traffic entering 28th Street from Columbia Avenue.

95.3 WBCK reached out to Lakeview Middle School regarding the issue and they were not available for comment at the time of this article.

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