Southwest Michigan First Chief Executive Ron Kitchens tells The Richard Piet Show on WBCK his organization can work in tandem with Battle Creek Unlimited to achieve greater economic development goals for Battle Creek and the region - and the two organizations do not impede one another.

The city of Marshall recently ended a partnership with Battle Creek Unlimited in order to secure a new one with Southwest Michigan First for economic development assistance. That prompted some perceptions - and media coverage - that the two organizations might eventually compete for the economic development nod from the city of Battle Creek. But Kitchens says no.

"Understand that we're not in each other's way," Kitchens said. "We're on the same path together."

He also cited an example of working together in the past with BCU, including a time when he and former BCU executive director Karl Dehn traveled abroad to try and secure new jobs for the region.

"It's a shame that people want to create this kind of competitive notion," Kitchen said. "We can work to help anyone in the region to grow jobs."

Hear what Kitchens said about working with BCU in the future, and about the Marshall agreement by clicking the player below.

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