Everything is so stinkin' expensive these days. It's hard to find any relief from the rising costs of groceries, gasoline, entertainment, bills and housing.

Almost makes me want to move off the grid. But that's not exactly a cheap endeavor either.

One positive for Michiganders despite it all is that Michigan is a fairly solid state when it comes to the overall cost of living. Michigan is roughly 11% below the national average when it comes to the cost of living. Housing, grocery costs and healthcare are all below the national average here in the Mitten State.

But some places here in Michigan are even better at keeping costs low for their residents.

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According to Niche, Michigan's lowest cost of living is found in a small town in the Upper Peninsula: Iron River, Michigan.

Iron River is located just off the Michigan/Wisconsin border in Iron County. The town has a population of 2,989, consisting mostly of retirees. According to Niche, the town's population is largely white, conservative and over the age of 45.

What certainly helps the cost of living rating for Iron River is the fact that most residents, 64% of them in fact, own their homes. Not too crazy when you consider the average home in Iron River goes for $56,800. For full context, the national average is $244,900.

Of course, the snow in Iron River is pretty hefty. Iron River averages 80 inches of snow per year. So bring a snow shovel and a snowmobile or three if you make the move.

Added bonus, expect to see more Green Bay Packers fans than usual. Iron River is only a 45-minute drive to Green Bay.

As nice as Iron River can be for many, it may not be the place for everyone. So here are the top 10 places to live in Michigan with the lowest cost of living, according to Niche.

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