Marshall Republican State Representative Matt Hall says time is running out.  He’s been complaining for a couple of months now that the administration of Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is stonewalling his select committee.  The panel is reviewing the administration’s response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Hall points out many occasions where top administration leaders have had no answer to questions, or have said they would provide information or documents after hearings, but never did.  Hall says it is nearing the point where he has to draw the line and stronger measures may be needed. Hall chairs the select committee. The Vice-Chair is fellow Republican and State Senator Aric Nesbit of Lawton. Both have been critical of the Whitmer administration stonewalling the committee on data relating to everything from problems surrounding the state unemployment system, to ordering people known to have contracted the virus into care at Michigan nursing and long-term care facilities.  That decision according to critics of the Governor has led to several thousand Michigan seniors falling victim to medical issues surrounding the virus - as many as one-third of all claimed victims.

A House staffer tells WBCK the administration is now promising most of the information requested by next Monday. But Representative Hall is saying if his committee isn’t given the information, he’s contemplating the use of one or more subpoenas to force the disclosure. Hall says that step won’t be taken lightly though, and he wants the administration to come clean without having to use subpoenas to get the cooperation his select committee requires.

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