Have you ever heard of a “meat tax” well if not you will now.  

According to the Telegraph newspaper in Britain, researchers at Oxford University decided to attempt to determine what level of tax would be needed to offset the healthcare costs of eating red and processed meat in Britain.

The Oxford University researchers calculated that increasing the cost of red meat by 14%, and processed meat by 79% would prevent the deaths of nearly 6,000 people each year and save the the National Health Services nearly $1,313,000,000,000 annually.

They state that a packet of sausage would go from $3.28 per packet to $5.87.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified beef, lamb and pork as carcinogenic and “when eaten in processed form, and "probably" cancer-causing when consumed unprocessed”.

The lead researcher Dr Marco Springmann, of the Nuffield Department of Population Health (NDPH) at Oxford University was quoted in the article stating:

“Nobody wants governments to tell people what they can and can’t eat.  However, our findings make it clear that the consumption of red and processed meat has a cost, not just to people’s health and to the planet, but also to the healthcare systems and the economy...I hope that governments will consider introducing a health levy on red and processed meat as part of a range of measures to make healthy and sustainable decision-making easier for consumers...A health levy on red and processed meat would not limit choices, but send a powerful signal to consumers and take pressure off our healthcare systems.”

You better believe if they do levy this meat tax in Britain and people in the United States believe it is working they will attempt to pass a “meat tax” here in the United States.

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