After my show yesterday I went to a couple of stores to attempt to find, no not toilet paper but eggs and bread that my wife and I enjoy, none to be found.

What did I find?

Plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I find it interesting that even in times of hoarding Americans refuse to eat their fruit and vegetables.  You would think Americans would want to eat more healthy foods during a health crisis.

You know what I did see plenty of in people’s baskets?

Chips, desserts, alcohol and pretty much foods that you should not be eating in abundance.

Now on to the toilet paper hoarders.  Someone worked out the following numbers:

If you were to buy a box of toilet paper from a Sam’s or Costco the numbers are as follows:

  • 30 rolls
  • 425 sheets per roll
  • 12,750 sheets per case
  • 20 sheets per bowel movement =
  • 637.5 bowel movements per case =
  • 44.5 bowel movements per day

So a person who grabs 4 cases of toilet paper and has a family of four quarantined for the required 14 days would need to have 182 bowel movements per day to use the purchased amount of toilet paper at 20 sheets per bowel movement.

Perhaps you are eating too many chips, desserts and junk food that are generally not very nutritious which is causing your family to have 182 bowel movements a day.

If not why are you buying so much toilet paper?

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