The East Lansing School District ruffled a few feathers with an announcement Wednesday.

Elementary schools in East Lansing, Michigan will no longer celebrate holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day in class.  What exactly does that mean and why are they making this move?

It almost sounds sinister or negative before you understand why the school administrators made this decision.  This decision was made in the interest of education and inclusivity.

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The reason behind canceling Halloween celebrations at school has to do with students' lack of ability to focus while in costume, surrounded by classmates in costume.  That's completely understandable.  Not to mention, it's not like they're actually canceling Halloween or trick or treating.  They just won't dress up and do Halloween activities during the school day.  So, what about Valentine's Day?  The reasons for canceling these festivities are very different according to WLNS,

As for Valentine’s Day, administrators stated that some families and students are uncomfortable with students celebrating “love”.

Another reason behind canceling both Valentine's Day and Halloween festivities is inclusivity.  Some families simply can't afford to participate which leads to those children feeling left out.

For the most part, parents have been very understanding about this recent announcement.  However, it is 2021.  There are parents that are up in arms over this week's announcement from East Lansing Schools.

You can get more on this story and see the full letter from East Lansing Public Schools by clicking here.

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