Meet Leila (prounounced LY-luh), this week's Wiggly Tail Wednesday pet of the week from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan.

In a word, Leila is sweet! A black Labrador Retriever mix, Leila is very laid back and friendly. She loves to make friends, kick back and snuggle. She also is typically curious, sniffing around and getting familiar with her surroundings.


At two years old, it is thought that Leila has given birth to at least a couple of litters of puppies and, perhaps that is partially responsible for her laid-back demeanor.

The Humane Society of South Central Michigan always performs a dog-to-dog match-up with other dogs a pet me potentially live with, but the initial feeling is Leila will get along well with other animals.

If you've been looking for a laid-back, friendly companion, Leila is your gal! Click through for more information on the HSSCM adoption process.

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