Ladies and Gents, meet Frank. He's been a resident of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan for about 2+ years - longer than any cat currently in residence there.

Six-year-old Frank is pretty smart. He was lost and wandering, thin, and in need of shelter. Where did he end up? On the back trail on the property at HSSCM. Someone walking a dog on the trail spotted him, got him to come to her, and he's been there ever since.


Why is that? First off, Frank is a black cat. Black cats, for some, come with some superstitions. Get to know Frank, though, and you'll quickly dispel them.

Frank is also a little gun shy. He warms up quickly, but when other cats are quick to jump into the spotlight, Frank is often in the background. He's a low key guy. So, you might say, he's been getting upstaged for a couple of years.


Turns out, though, Frank is more than capable of handling a close up! Check him out! Click through for more info on Frank and the adoption process at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan.

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