I think it is pretty obvious right now that the liberals are deadly afraid of letting Joe Biden on the same stage with Donald Duck let alone Donald Trump.

We have seen and heard many liberal/progressive/socialist journalists, reporters, pundit’s and their show host all say that Biden should not debate President Trump.  They span from ultra-progressive New York Times reporter Thomas Friedman to Joe Lockhart, the former White House press secretary for none other than Bill Clinton who urged Joe Biden to not debate President Trump prior to the November election when he wrote “whatever you do, don’t debate Trump”

Interesting because Joe Lockhart was one of the people who came out and lied to the American people and the world about former President and #Metoo original enrollee Bill Clinton.  Joe Lockhart told the American people that President Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman”, and he was not talking about Hillary because most would actually believe that.

Also, former President Obama received the distinguished award of Lie of the Year from Politifact when he stated “'If you like your health care plan, you can keep it' back in 2013.  All these people seem to forget that one.

Now we have Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House come out yesterday and tell the press:

“I don’t think that there should be any debates”


Joe Biden’s response to Nancy Pelosi's fear of Joe getting on a debate stage with President Trump, once he was given his cue cards was:

“No. As long as the commission continues down the straight now as they have, I’m going to debate him”

All of these “reporters”, communications people and politicians all give one reason for Biden not to debate President Trump, they say he lies.  Should anyone have debated former President Clinton or Obama?  Should Clinton’s and Obama’s opponents not debated him as to not legitimize a conversation with Clinton or Obama because they lack “any association with truth”?

I can tell you from experience from interviewing and speaking to many on my radio show the best person to debate is someone who lies.  If you are good enough you can always catch them in their lies and make fools out of them.  So I would rather debate a liar than someone who tells the truth.  Debating someone who tells the truth is harder than a liar.

After thinking about that last statement I now realize why President Trump not only wants to debate Biden the 3 agreed upon times but would like to add a fourth.  Put that in contrast to everyone on Biden’s team not wanting him to debate President Trump.

If I was President Trump I would ask that a fact-checker be on stage in order to fact check everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth.  The problem with that would be most of what comes out of his mouth would be very hard to even understand.

They all know that Joe Biden could not debate President Trump on his best day, Biden can barely put a sentence together unless it is written down for him or on a teleprompter.

Do you think Joe Biden will have the courage to debate President Trump or not?

I do not believe he or his handlers will allow him to.

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