It all started in Bellevue, Nebraska back in 2012 when a woman named Molly Schuyler became the first woman to complete a food challenge called the Stellanator.  The Stellanator is a sandwich that is comprised of six hamburger patties, six eggs, six pieces of cheese and six pieces of bacon topped with fried onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, two buns, and mayonnaise.

Since then she has been eating her way across the United States.  MLive is reporting that she recently landed in Grand Rapids last Wednesday to take on several Michigan restaurant eating competitions.

One of those stops was at Fox’s Pizza Den in Battle Creek where Molly ate a 30-inch pizza in 13 minutes and 54 seconds, you heard that right, a 30-inch pizza in 13 minutes and 54 seconds.  Fox’s Pizza Den actually has a video of her eating the pizza on their Facebook page.

She also downed 50 chili dogs in approximately 22 minutes at The Corner Bar in Rockford and annihilated in 7 minutes and 48 seconds a seven-pound burrito named the Hay Caramba Burrito at the El Mariachi Mexican Grill in Ionia.

On her YouTube channel, she has several videos of her eating challenges in other parts of our great country.  Here is one of her taking on Big Daddy’s Burgers “Big Daddy’s Belly Buster Burger Challenge”:

Here she is taking on the  Sabretti's $5000.00 Hot Dog Challenge:  

If you want to see more of her challenges you can go to her YouTube page and check them out.

I must warn you that it is not a pretty sight.

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