I am not making this up, an action was just defined in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advisory, in which they could require larger passengers to step on their scale or provide their weight before they are allowed to get on their planes.

For safety reasons, airline carriers must calculate an aircraft’s weight and balance that weight on their planes.  Those weights must be within allowable limits for that particular plane.   The FAA believes that the standard weight assumptions they’ve been using for passengers are now very outdated.  Part of this exercise could be to determine how much “larger” Americans have become to update the standard weight amounts they have used in the past.

View From the Wing reported that:

“Standard weights may not be appropriate for smaller planes, with smaller sample size and greater likelihood of variance from average.”

Apparently, there are airline carriers in other parts of the world that weigh their passengers.  For example, the View article stated that Samoa Air reportedly charges their passengers based on their weight.

Would you allow yourself to be charged for your ticket based on your weight? 

Would it even be legal in the United States?

What would you do if you were asked to step on the scales before you were allowed to board a plane?

Would you like fries with that, no thanks I will be taking a flight next week.

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