Kali McCaleb was married 11 months ago, diagnosed with cancer one month ago and underwent major surgery 2 weeks ago. She and her husband are now racing the clock to fight for their future family. Here is how you can help. 

Photo Courtesy of Kali McCaleb

Kalamazoo couple Kali (Dykema) and her husband Matt McCaleb have had a whirlwind of a month. After Kali found a bump on her tongue that wouldn't go away, so she saw a specialist. Within 3 weeks she was diagnosed with squamas cell carcinoma, a diagnosis that is unheard of for a non smoking 24 year old. She then quickly there after underwent a major surgery to remove her tongue and the cancer so she could begin her long road to recovery.


With months ahead of physical therapy to hopefully regain "letter sounds" as the Go Fund Me Page sites, along with weeks of both radiation and chemo therapy beginning soon, the newly weds have decided to do all they can to put their future family first - and want to under go treatment to freeze Kali's eggs. It is likely with the heavy 7 week treatment that they wouldn't have the option to get pregnant naturally down the road. With life having taken this turn so quickly, the couple are still in amazing spirits and believe that they'll get through it together. Kali is often cracking jokes on her whiteboard that she now uses to communicate as she is unable to speak, "She's the same, upbeat and positive person as she ever was," comments a friend of the McCalebs.


Kali's sister set up a Go Fund Me in efforts to raise the funds necessary to freeze Kali's eggs before she undergoes chemo therapy. The goal is to raise $35,000 in 3 weeks, so far the couple has raised over $15,000 but there is still a lot more to go. It has been amazing to see the good in people as they give towards a cause as life changing as this. Every bit helps.

*The McCalebs are close friends of the author and we were excited to spread the word to share how others can contribute to their cause

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