A 45-year-old St. Joseph man is headed to prison for up to 20 years for stealing money from a Battle Creek insurance agency.
John Page was sentenced this week in Calhoun County Circuit Court after pleading guilty to embezzlement, forgery and uttering and publishing.
Page stole roughly $1 million from the Worgess Insurance Agency, where he had been the firm's president. He took the money between December 2008 and last May. Page said he was doing it in an attempt to save the company from financial ruin.
Worgess is covering the losses through insurance and no clients suffered any losses.
The firm's vice president, Jacob Worgess, disagreed with Page's contention that he was trying to save the company, as did Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert, who called it "greed and greed alone."
Page was sentenced to a term of between five and 20 years behind bars. He has repaid more than $782,000 to the agency in cash, stock and his retirement funds.

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