The Kellogg Community College Center For Diversity And Innovation will be hosting a presentation by author and speaker Dr. Joy DeGruy, on the residual effects of slavery in America.

In a release, the College says that the presentation "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" will be free, and hosted at the Kool Family Community Center on Wednesday, March 23 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

DeGruy's theory of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome suggests that centuries of slavery followed by systemic racism and oppression have resulted in "multigenerational adaptive behaviors" in the African-American community -- some of which have been positive and reflective of resilience, and others that are detrimental and destructive.


In DeGruy's "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" presentation, which has its roots in her book of the same name, DeGruy presents research illustrating how varying levels of both clinically induced and socially learned residual-stress-related issues were passed along through generations as a result of slavery.

You can find more information on the presentation by contacting executive assistant at CDI Timeaka Reese, at 269-565-7946 or go to