If you or someone you know wants to apply for a Kellogg Community College Foundation Scholarship for the 2016-17 school year, it needs to be done by Friday, March 11.

KCC Foundation Scholarships are available to students currently attending, or who plan to enroll at the school.  There are over 100 scholarships available based on financial need and academic achievement.  There are also special scholarships for Barry and Branch County students, veterans, nontraditional students and those aged 50 and older.

According to a release by the College, all of the applications are given equal consideration, with the scholarship committee making the final determination of scholarship awards based on matching students with the scholarships.

The KCC Foundation scholarship application, specific recipient criteria and application guidelines are available online at www.kellogg.edu/kcc-foundation


Students who received one-year KCC Foundation scholarships for the 2015-16 academic year may reapply by submitting a new application.


Since the founding of the KCC Foundation in 1998, generous donors have made it possible to help hundreds of students realize the dream of a higher education. A nongovernmental, nonprofit 501(c)(3) with its own funds, the KCC Foundation is managed by a volunteer board of directors.

For more information about KCC Foundation Scholarships or to contribute to scholarships, please contact the KCC Foundation offices at 269-965-4161 or kccfoundation@kellogg.edu or visit www.kellogg.edu/foundation.