Richard's Ride

Next Richard’s Ride: ’15 Flex
Coming soon: The Richard's Ride for July from Lakeview Ford Lincoln - the 2015 Ford Flex!
Watch for a new video soon highlighting the features of Ford's distinctively styled Flex, designed for people with plenty of passengers or who need a lot of cargo room...
Richard’s Ride: 2015 Ford Focus SE
The Richard's Ride for June is the 2015 Ford Focus SE from Lakeview Ford Lincoln!
Back in 1982, my mother bought a Ford Escort. If you wanted an inexpensive economy car, it was among the best choices. But, wow. It had a radio in it, but that was it for the amenities...
Richard’s Ride: Ford’s New Edge
Our next Richard's Ride from Lakeview Ford Lincoln is the restyled 2015 Ford Edge Titanium AWD mid-sized crossover. All new, the Edge sports the more refined styling Ford has been unveiling across its product line.
Richard’s Ride: 2015 Fusion SE [VIDEO]
The latest Richard's Ride from Lakeview Ford Lincoln is the 2015 Ford Fusion SE Ecoboost. The Fusion is a great looking sport sedan with room enough for 3-4 passengers and some get-up-and-go under the hood.
Our Richard's Ride Fusion is equipped with the 2...
Richard’s Ride: 2015 Fusion
Even though SUVs and crossovers are popular categories for automakers, the sedan is still a sweet spot by which car companies measure their success. Ford has had perhaps better-than-expected success in that segment with the latest Fusion sedan.

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