Here are some random facts for you.  Random, but OH, so good!

And before you discard and disrespect this entry, remember these are posted by your writer with the BEST of intentions.  They come from my heart.  They are designed to broaden your horizons, to increase the depth and breadth of your life experience.

Okay.  I made that stuff up.  Sorry.  I just thought from time to time they would be funny and you would get a giggle, or that you would be somewhat amazed.

1.  There are 66 kids hospitalized in the U.S. every DAY for shopping cart injuries.

2.  After JANET LEIGH watched herself in the famous shower scene in "Psycho", she never took another shower . . . she only took baths for the rest of her life.

3.  Mosquitoes prefer certain blood types over others.  If you're blood type O, you're most likely to get bit.

4.  Astronauts in space can't do laundry . . . so dirty clothes from the International Space Station get sent out into space to burn up in Earth's atmosphere.

5.  "Yesterday" by the BEATLES is believed to be the most covered song ever . . . covered more than 3,000 times by everyone from FRANK SINATRA to DAFFY DUCK.

And now and entry destined to make you go AWWWWWW,

17 Little Kids Who Party Harder Than You