It's been a rather l-o-n-g week here at Casa de Radio.  

Tim, Karen and Dennis have all been gone.  That leaves a LOT of spots to fill.  Thanks to Bryan for filling the bulk of all those holes!  Great job.  But, it still wears you out making the adjustments needed to get business done.  Know what I'm talking about?

Well, after my shift this morning, I was POOPED.  The kind of pooped that would allow you to fall asleep the moment you had two quiet minutes?  But that's not feasible.  My day was long from being over.  I needed a pick-me-up.  But, what to do.  I don't drink coffee after nine o'clock.  I haven't had a soda/diet soda for a month now.  And, I gave up those little white pills back in the 70's.  I needed a jolt!

Then I came across this;

The 24 Most Terrifying Places in the World to Look Down


Yep.  I'm wide awake now.  And I think I may need to change my britches.