First of all, THANK YOU for all of the kind comments and wishes for success you shared after my Monday post, detailing our latest adventure, Yaya's Artisan Breads.  It really means a lot!

Teresa says to me yesterday, "I guess we're really going to do this, huh?"  Oh, heck yes we're going to do this!  ESPECIALLY, after I re-wired a 240 volt outlet to utilize an extra electric oven (Thanx and a special tip-o-the-cap to Mel and Mary for the oven.)  I didn't risk my life for nothing!!

I wrestled the oven in place (It's a small kitchen with two ovens.  It wasn't easy, trust me) and plugged it in.  Doggone, it didn't work.  Maybe I have the wiring wrong on the oven?  So, I switched it around.  It still didn't work. BUT, it also didn't trip the breaker.  Hummm.   After considerable time pondering, loathing and prayer passed, I realized I HAD to break down and check the 240 volt outlet to see if it actually had power.

With great hesitation, I broke out the "Gil Memorial Radio Shack Multi-Tester" (Mandi will know what that means), took a deep breath...a REALLY DEEP breath, and attached the leads.  Sure enough, the outlet was deader than Bob Hope.  What to do now?  IDEA!  (Kindly visualize a bulb lighting over my head.)

I decided to re-route the outlet for the dryer, which I knew worked, up into the kitchen.  After MORE prayer, I switched off every breaker in the house (and if I could have, every breaker in Pennfield Township) and took things apart.  I disassembled the outlet and ran the wire upstairs.  Reassembled, it was now time to test the line for power.  (Insert dramatic music here.)

May I share what I considered an interesting observation?  Up until that particular "moment of truth", I thought that I only sweat profusely when I worked out with Tonya.   Not so.  I was in full Tahquamenon Falls mode.  (Pro Tip:  When you're working with 240 volts, that is NOT the time to sweat like an NBA player.)   Girded with my rubber gloves, kneeling on a rubber mat and moving anything steel-like into Barry County, I tested the lines.  TA-DA!  The Amazing Ray Fontaine (I gave myself a super hero name for the occasion) has a winner!  We have power and we are baking, baby!

Our first outing will (God willing) be tomorrow afternoon at the Bellevue Farmer's Market.  Then we're set for the Springfield Farmer's Market Saturday morning. This weeks menu includes, fresh cut Rosemary Bread, Chocolate Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, White Chocolate with Cranberry Bread, and Challah (pronounced Holla.  I only know because I've mispronounced it a million times) Bread.  Multiple YUM!  I'll get some pictures of the bread up here soon!  Not the same as smelling it baking, or tasting, but it'll have to do until Thursday or Saturday.  Then you could come by and see us, and take home a loaf or six of bread!

And no, I do not do residential or commercial electrical work.  You wouldn't want me to.