We keep hearing from Democrat’s, their “news” media and their Pundit’s that fraud in our elections rarely occurs unless the Russians are involved and they only try to help Trump.  Wait that was proven to be completely false but that is for a discussion on another day.

Now the Democrat’s and their Party want everyone to vote via mail-in ballot this fall and even went so far as to send every single person in Michigan, in some cases dead or alive, and in others either living at an address or not.  It does not matter an application will still be sent to that address.  Intelligent people bring up the fact that this will cause a large increase in voting fraud.  Those intelligent people are then told to shut up because voter fraud either never or rarely happens.  If voter fraud does occur there are so few illegal votes that it would not affect an election, well how does 20% fraudulent ballots in an election, could that steal an election?  Is that enough to be alarmed about?

InsiderNJ reported last week that the New Jersey Attorney General filed voter fraud charges against two Paterson city officials who “allegedly” engaged in a mail-in ballot scheme in connection with a special election last May.

The charges were brought against Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez, and two other men after the New Jersey AG’s Office of Public Integrity & Accountability began an investigation.  They began that investigation after hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a Paterson mailbox.

One Paterson New Jersey woman told NBC News that she and many neighbors never received a ballot, those applications possibly went to these politicians.  Since they did not receive those applications and the election was 100% mail-in they were unable to vote:

We did not receive vote-by-mail ballots and thus we did not vote...This is corruption. This is fraud.

As Gomer Pyle would say “Surprise Surprise” all involved are Democrats.

How much more proof do you need to know that having so many mail-in ballots will lead to increased voter fraud, it is just plain old common sense.

It could be Democrat’s or Republican’s cheating it does not matter we all deserve fair elections.

Every fraudulent vote cancels out a legal vote, remember that.

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