It is crazy to think about how quickly things change. A scroll through the #BattleCreek on Instgram will give you a peek into what the city looked like in the past 100 years. Battle Creek is known globally as the Cereal City, and it is clear to see why. From the Kellogg name that dominates the area to the Post factories that make the air smell like breakfast, our town has a rich history in the industry of dry cereal.


This old shot of the Kellogg's Company Head Quarters could get you all wrapped up in Tony The Tiger's long last son that isn't around anymore, but don't let it make you forget how Mr Kellogg first started in the city. It was actually Doctor and Founder of Battle Creek Sanitarium who had developed a diet reform program for his patients there, and that was how he first invented corn flakes.

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Willard Public Library is s staple downtown! From the friendly faces at the circulation desk to the great memories many residents may harbor of attending story time as a kid, this building has been around longer than you may think. Established in 1840, our very own library is one of the oldest in the State of Michigan. The photo below is a peak at the Reference room in 1937, nearly 100 years after they opened. I'm guessing they didn't have self check out at that time? 

  Going back further, as land in Battle Creek went up for sale in 1831 you might be surprised that an acre would cost you a whopping $1.25. It is said the location was so favorable to settle in because of the many rivers and lakes in the area. As the population grew and doubled in the late 1880s and the city had a boom in industrial production, it was recognized by a major Chicago newspaper, according to, it said "There is probably no city in the United States of equal size which can lay claim to the fact that the products of its industrial establishments find so universal a demand in so wide a scope of country as those produced in this thriving manufacturing center.”

Check out this Panorama we found on Reddit of the main intersection downtown.

Copyright 1907 by US Photo Co. Chicago Ill Publishers
Copyright 1907 by US Photo Co. Chicago Ill Publishers


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