Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson tells 95.3 WBCK she has notified the Michigan Congressional delegation and Vice President Mike Pence of the immediate ways she things federal elections could be shored up.

Johnson points to her years heading elections in Michigan, in particular her efforts to do a number of more-or-less "no-brainers" to plug holes in the system. She tells 95.3 WBCK she was not asked for recommendations by the feds, but she wants to help.

The vice president has been placed in charge of an elections commission, ordered by President Donald Trump after his allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election.

Johnson has been quoted as saying she knows of no widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election, and when asked about it now, says she wants to "look forward" rather than back.

The five recommendations Johnson is making are:

  • Make Social Security Administration data available
  • Remove those registered in more than one state
  • Share non-citizen information
  • Create an election crime database
  • Require a voting paper trail

Click the player to hear Johnson elaborate on these points.

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