Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is on the PR circuit, reminding folks it's easier to "hop online" instead of "in line" at a Secretary of State branch office - and she's employing one of the best "hoppers" on Earth to help out: A kangaroo.

Or, in this case, "Kangaruth".

It's true - ask most people how they would like to spend a few hours some afternoon, and they are not likely to say "hangin' in line at the Secretary of State office". So, Johnson is busy reminding residents they don't have to wait in line.

Johnson tells WBCK every service provided by the Secretary of State branch offices in Michigan is available online, except for new driver's license photos. That means, she said, most folks will only need to visit a branch office once every eight years - for a new driver's license photo to be taken.

Kangaruth has even created a new video to help you remember.

Johnson discussed the video, the department's website, as well as the mobile office which, soon, will appear at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Click the player below to hear the discussion.

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