Recent news of a newly opened tattoo shop in the Portage area made me realize...I've been completely out of the loop!

As someone with tattoos (and always looking to get more), it was surprising that the opening of a new shop went under my radar. Especially one that is local to me. However, upon further investigation, it turns out that there are several shops that have opened recently and I completely missed it.

Perhaps, you've missed them, too. So, here are at least 5 tattoo shops that have opened in West Michigan within the last couple of years:

1. Stay Awhile Tattoo 

This is the tattoo shop I mentioned above. Stay Awhile Tattoo just opened in the Portage area (August 2022) on Milham Ave. Stay Awhile also does piercings and, according to their Facebook page, features, "some of the area's most experienced and reputable artists and piercers." While there's no website listed, you can find them both on Facebook and Instagram. They ask for no DM's. So, you'll have to call to inquire about an appointment.

2. Balm 

Balm, in Grand Rapids, was reported to have opened in June of 2021. They are a women-owned and operated tattoo shop that also does piercings. They also focus on intentional tattooing which translates to a tattoo that has been thought about and makes the person feel more comfortable in their own skin. This includes memorial tattoos, scar cover-ups, and a lot more. They especially work on creating a comfortable environment for those who have been victims of trauma. Find their Instagram page here and learn more about Balm's artists on their website.

3. Ink About It Tattooing 

Opening in September of 2020, Ink About It Tattooing became the only woman-owned tattoo parlor in Berrien County, according to their Facebook page.  Located in Bridgman, they seem to be doing well judging by the plethora of completed tattoos they've shown off on both their Facebook and Instagram pages. For booking appointments, they've provided a link that you can find here.

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4. Beyond Ink & Art

Beyond Ink Tattoo Studio opened in February of this year (2022) in Niles. In an interview before their grand opening, they stressed how they prioritize their clients and always strive to provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. I don't see a website listed however, you can find more information on their Facebook page.

5. Eagle Eye Tattoo 

Eagle Eye Tatoo opened in downtown Grand Rapids in May of 2021. While they don't offer piercings, the artists have over 20 years of experience in many different styles of tattoos, according to their Facebook page. They do tattoos by appointment only. You can also see more of their work and find their phone number on their Instagram page.

Now, these are just new tattoo shops in West Michigan. I'm sure many others have opened throughout the state. In fact, if you're in the Lansing area, these shops have been deemed the "best" for getting your next tattoo:

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